Facts About Chachalaka

About Chachalakaka

We have discovered a
magical place just south
of Puerto Vallarta
Mexico. We call it
Chachalaka, named after
a native bird.
It is a place of endless
beaches and few tourists.

Chachalaka sits on a
six-acre parcel of land
overlooking the ocean.
The views are absolutely
breathtaking and the
beach has easy access.
There are wonderful
trees, trails, and it is
a sanctuary for a variety
of birds.

A nearby fishing village
has a protected bay with
safe anchorage, fresh
seafood, supplies and
casual restaurants. Our
favorite spot for a
leisurely afternoon of
lunch and playing on
the beach.

Chachalaka is a beach
lover' s paradise. Long
walks, whale watching,
sea turtles, birds, all
part of the Chachalaka
experience, and it is
peaceful, private and